Photography © David Hurn 

It Is What It Is


April 28th - May 4th 2016


University of Cumbria Fine Art Second Year Exhibition. 
A multi-disciplinary exhibition, this is the culmination of two years work from a group of contemporary artists, spread across two local venues. 

Exhibiting Artists:
Rebecca Burnett
Alex Chambers
Marie Downie
Calum Ecclestone
Maddie Gee
Georgina Hackett
Emeli Hartness 
Sue Jackson
Fiona Keegan
Megan Keegan
Jennifer Kirkwood
Jamie Mcallister
Stasia Manderson
Cooper McGarry
Kathryn Mills
Lauren Moore
Megan Rae
Adam Reuter
Jennifer Roper 
Victoria Sand
Susan Young
Amy Watson


Installation at Brampton Road